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  • Net work [net-wurk]
    1. Electronic components that work together to produce faster and more efficient business intelligence and communication: Small businesses today have increasingly complex networks.
    2. Desktop, laptop and tablet computers, servers, printers, routers, wireless access points, phones and mobile devices, websites

    Care [kair]
    1. Concern for the health and well being of our customers, small businesses in need of technology guidance, advice and service: NetCare IT cares about its customers' missions and recommends technologies that support those missions.
    2. The act of caring for a network and its components: NetCare IT's knowledgeable technicians care for a network by monitoring its activities to find and correct problems before users are even aware of them.

    IT [ahy-tee]
    1. Short for Information Technology - the management and protection of the organization's information to support its mission: Separate from any individual component of the network, IT is the network's purpose.

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